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The Digital Dental Workflow

Bridging the gap by upgrading your employees with technology


Our Background

As one of the leading innovators in the dental industry, we attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we’ve developed throughout the years. We believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of training and service, and we are committed to providing just that.

We attribute our knowledge to the 15 years we have been in the dental industry.  We used to have to convince people a CBCT was needed.  Times have changed, the technology has advanced and become affordable.  Now we just need a quarterback inside your office to supercharge your investment.


Today there is a gap in The Digital Dental Workflow.  The ddw is here to bridge that gap.  Buying the technology is the easy part implementation and utilization of technology in your practice or laboratory is the ongoing task. 

The ddw team is here for you today, tomorrow and into the future.

College of Digital Dentistry

expect more from your digital specialist



Digital Dental Training

Theddw will transform your advanced staff member into a digital specialist. This is an expert on the digital workflow in your office.  They will be your most valuable asset. 

customer service

Support Team

On Call Support - the full support of our team available to your digital specialist when needed.   No more blame game, theddw will work with your ds to solve your problem across manufacture lines.  Our elite support team will cover line 1 and 2 support and then have quick access to level 3 and 4 manufacturer support. 

Continuous Education

Courses include basic 101 to 401

Your DS will attend a monthly and quarterly meeting as well as attending the college of dental dentistry 2 times per year.

401 Graduates will be fully versed in digital acquisition, data merging, preliminary planning, Case Presentation, chair side assistance with anatomical instruction, and referral communication and presentation.


Get in Touch

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